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Call for Papers: WITH/OUT IDENTITY. On the Question of Identity Constructions in Spaces, Heritage and Communities

7th Annual Meeting of the DFG Research Training Group “Identity and Heritage”23.-24. November 2023, Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany)Deadline CFP: 1 June 2023 The concept of identity is undergoing critical reinterpretations in several disciplines and is presently even being opposed by diverse viewpoints due to its vagueness and a problematic tendency towards essentialisation. At the same time, alternatives to the concepts of identity and identity formation create an important frame of reference, especially for those communities that are denied the possibility of articulating history, memory and bodies of knowledge themselves. The construction of spaces and cultural heritage therefore plays a crucial role, as identity is appropriated, negotiated or asserted in social, political and thus also physical spaces. In this sense, the 7th annual conference of the Research Training Group understands the concept of identity first as a white canvas, where meaning can […]