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Monument – Patrimony – Heritage. Industrial Heritage and the Horizons of Terminology

If “Sharing Heritage” is to be taken seriously, then it must have consequences for the
assessment of value – in Europe, but also beyond: in place of the more exclusionary
“World Heritage”, which tends to foreground each country’s own, often nationallydefined achievements and merits, we should strive toward the creation of a “Global Heritage”, one capable of building bridges on the basis of universal values, thereby bringing the world’s people closer together as a global community with a common destiny.


Publications of the Board

The Power of New Urban Tourism. Spaces, Representations and Contestations

The Power of New Urban Tourism explores new forms of tourism in urban areas with their social, political, cultural, architectural and economic implications. By investigating various showcases of New Urban Tourism within its social and spatial frames, the book offers insights into power relations and connections between tourism and cityscapes in various socio-spatial settings around the world.


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