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Welcome to the website of the DFG Research Training Group 2227 “Identity and Heritage”. The Research Training Group is a joint institution of the Bauhaus University Weimar, the Technical University Berlin, the Hochschule Anhalt Dessau (University of Applied Sciences) and the Fachhochschule Erfurt (University of Applied Sciences). The Universität der Künste Berlin is a partner of the Research Training Group.

The Research Training Group offers 14 doctoral students and up to 8 associated students funded by third parties the opportunity to do their doctorate in an outstanding and unique interdisciplinary environment, under the joint supervision of researchers from Berlin, Weimar, Dessau and Erfurt as well as the support by important cooperation partners. The team also includes a post-doctoral researcher, who primarily strengthens the sociological focus of the research programme.

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From 2023, current events of our Research Training Group will be available on Instagram and Facebook. We announce important events in our Newsletter. The audio recordings of many lectures can be found in our Podcast. From now on, our social media offering will replace the Insights section.


Study Trip of the Research Training Group Identity and Heritage to Skopje, Pristina and Sarajevo

September 1-10/2022

More than two decades have passed since the last Balkan war, and the territory of the former multi-ethnic state is divded up by the borders of new nation states. With its research trip to Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Research Training Group “Identity and Heritage” focuses on places, things and people that can inform ways of dealing with cultural heritage that is contested or has become meaningless in the present. What pasts have left traces in the urban spaces of Skopje, Pristina and Sarajevo? What are the challenges of coexistance and of the finding of common narratives, and who are the people who face these questions?