Eiko Grimberg (Berlin): Hindsight Biases

The term hindsight bias (Rückschaufehler) refers to a memory of one’s forecast that is distorted by knowledge of the actual outcome of events. The prediction is corrected in retrospect. In short, people do not want to admit how wrong they were before.

Grimberg explores various urban legends and realities in Berlin. These explorations have an (unconscious) desire for historical correction in common. He shows and comments on those in his photographic essay “Rückschaufehler (2011-2020)” with a focus on the architectural redesign of the center of Berlin after 1989. 

Eiko Grimberg (born 1971 in Karlsruhe) is an artist. He is currently photographing the Berlin district of Neukölln, where he lives and works. Recently his project “Rückschaufehler” was on view at the European Month of Photography.

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