Waleed Karkabi (Haifa): Toward a new architecture – Haifa Modernism

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Hörsaal D
Marienstr. 13
99423 Weimar

At the beginning of the Twenties of the last century, Haifa was chosen to be the administrative center of the Mandate in the Middle East. That was the Golden Age of Haifa. Till then the Arabic traditional architecture was dominating. At the beginning of the Thirties, when the Jewish emigration begins from Europe, after the rise of the Nazi regime, they found a ready base for building projects to implement. The Jewish architects, brought with them the new avant-garde style, the international style in architecture which was in full contrast with the local building traditions. When Europe was preparing itself to war, Haifa was full of ambitious modern projects. The Modernism in Palestine was adapted to the local climate with shading elements, pergolas on the top roofs etc. The result was a gorgeous collection of modern buildings. In addition there is a great examples of so called „Arabic Modernism“, a result of a brave cooperation, between Palestinian owners and Jewish architects. These buildings where built in local lime stone and present a unique collection.


Architect Waleed Karkabi is the Head of Building Conservation Department in the Haifa Municipality – Israel with 35 years of professional experience. Finished his first and second degree (Magister) in architecture in the Faculty of Architecture of the Building Institute of Leningrad (Sant Petersburg) Russia.Amplification of public notices connected to conservation sites and buildings such as lectures, tours, for the professional and the wide public.